This page contains an excerpt from a story told by one of my Lizu language consultants. The story is about a cunning hare trying to escape a hungry bear. Here is the excerpt in English translation:

The hare ran into a bear. The bear said to him: "Should I eat you, or should I not eat you?" The hare said to the bear: "Don't eat me, there is a drum hanging at my uncle's place. If you beat the drum, it will make your most favorite food appear." [With these words, he led him to a wasp nest hanging in a tree.] So, the bear agreed, picked up a big stick, and hit the wasp nest down. The nest fell apart, [the wasps rushed out] and stung the bear. The bear thereupon ran after the hare again. At some point the hare was cornered and could not escape. Seeing a large tree branch hanging down, the hare jumped on it and saddled it. After a while he jumped down and said to the bear: "Mister bear, mister bear, this saddle of my uncle is so comfortable to ride! Would you like to have a go?" he asked the bear. "I would," the bear replied. The bear jumped on the branch, which instantly snapped, causing the bear to fall down and roll down the slope.

Here are the original audio recordings:

Here is a transcription of the excerpt.

Hare and Bear