Han Zhengkang 韩正康, Yuan Xiaowen 袁晓文, and Katia Chirkova 齐卡佳. Sichuan Mianning Duoxu hua 四川冕宁多续话 (The Duoxu Language of Mianning County in Sichuan Province). Beijing 北京: Shangwu yinshuguan 商务印书馆, 2019. ISBN 978-7-100-17852-5. Publisher's Website.

Duoxu is a critically endangered language. It is a traditional language used by Tibetans living in the upper reaches of the Anning River in southwestern Sichuan Province. At present, there are only six speakers who are fluent in Duoxu, and all of them are above 70 years of age. In 2016, the Endangered Language Protection Program funded a project to document and protect this critically endangered language. In accordance with the requirements of the Endangered Language Protection Program, the research team recorded the language in situ using modern linguistic methods. The resulting book is based on first-hand fieldwork data collected by the authors. The book is divided into six parts: introduction, phonetics/phonology, lexicon, thematically organized word-list, morphosyntax, and appended texts. There is a list of conventions for interlinear morpheme-by-morpheme glosses at the front of the book, and fieldwork notes and an afterword at the back. This book is of great significance for documenting and safeguarding Duoxu, and provides rich information for linguists and enthusiasts alike to understand and learn Duoxu.