Wang Dehe 王德和, Wang Ke 王轲, Wang Xuan 王轩, Katia Chirkova 齐卡佳, Gu Tao 古淘. 2019. Ersuyu cihui tongshi 尔苏语词汇通释 (Ersu-Chinese Dictionary). Hefei 合肥: Anhui chubanshe 安徽出版社. ISBN: 9787566419323.

This book was funded by the National Publishing Fund Project established in 2017. It contains an Ersu-Mandarin glossary, an outline of the Ersu Romanization system, a description of the phonological system of the Ersu language, a list of Ersu family and place names, a list of Ersu twenty-four solar terms, Ersu measurement units, and so on. The glossary part of the volume contains 8,624 words, transcribed using IPA and the Ersu Romanization system, tagged with parts of speech information, and accompanied by Chinese and English translations, and example sentences. The book also includes 496 pictures illustrating many technical terms, and a DVD with audio files for the glossary entries. This is a timely work for the preservation of the endangered Ersu language. It combines linguistic research with rich language and cultural information.



《尔苏语词汇通释》 (下文简称《通释》) 是 2017 年国家出版基金项目,是一部 135 万字的尔苏语言和文化研究的著作。该书内容包括尔苏语词汇通释、尔苏文化、尔苏语拼音方案、尔苏语语音概况、尔苏姓氏用字表、尔苏地名歌、尔苏经典情歌、尔苏语二十四节气和尔苏语计量单位等。词汇通释中收录了 8624 个词语,标注了国际音标、词性、汉英双译及例句。书中还有 496 幅展示尔苏风俗人情的图片,书后附有 8624 个词语音频文件的数字资源包。这是一部抢救性保护濒危尔苏语的及时之作,也是具有独特性的语言学研究新成果,还可以说是含有丰富语言文化信息的集大成之作。